Drinks Menu 

Our menu is always amended upon request and therefore the below is a summary of what our customers may like. We therefore have the ability to stock all of the below or just a select few to make your day as special as our menu! 


We stock a wide range of both local and well known brands. 

We truly believe that local is best, and we therefore are proud to support The Hooting Owl Distillery, providing all 5 of their signature gins. 


Our Whisky selection is second to none, Jack Daniels to Glenfiddich is always on stock.

However for the true Whisky drinker were happy to stock any brand of your choice! 


Our house standard is Courvoisier. More mature and characteristic brands are always available on request. 

Perfect in a cocktail or simply at the end of your special event. 


Belvedere to Cîroc are the absolute must haves for any bar providing first class cocktails! However smirnoff and grey goose wont be far away from the top shelf! 


Liquors are a nice and gentle way to finish the night. From Baileys on ice to a fine glass of Taylors port we certainly will be able to make you a measure to sit back and relax with. 

Cask Ale

From Yorkshire, we certainly know how to pull a good pint. Our new superior equipment will ensure each and every pint is produced with a fine silky head, allowing you to indulge the true flavours of the beer. We can supply from local brewers such as Wold Top to national brewers such as Black Sheep & Theakstons. 


Our draught Lagers are certain to be as good as your local. The mobile unit allows each beer to be served well beyond the UK standard. We are able to choose between CO2 and N20 gasses to provide the perfect mixture for your beer (Far superior to any other event bar).


Soft Drinks & 
Non Alcoholic 

We know that not everyone likes alcohol along with the person who's driving home. That's why we always ensure our soft drink and non-alcoholic selection is always premium. We endevour to supply a varied and unique range to meet your guests tastes no matter what they want to drink.